The Top Law Practices

Regardless of if you are looking for help and counsel from a lawyer or if you are pondering attending a law college, there is a general lack of certainty among the public as to what type of lawyers exist. The general assumption is that as long as a person is a lawyer, that particular person can offer legal advice for any legal issue. In technical terms this is true, but law is a wide subject and it is impossible for one lawyer to provide the required service for all the areas in law. The way lawyers work can be compared to doctors; where doctors focus on a particular part of the body, a specific type of disease or a particular age group, lawyers focus on one or a few areas of the law.

Business lawyers are one of most sought after law practices in the world right now. Some of the lawyers focus on basic issues like helping a company build and some focus on small startup firms while some lawyers prefer large companies. Some business lawyers specialize even in the world of law and decide to become professional negligence lawyers in Sydney. As the name implies, they specialize in matters related to employment and labor.  They investigate and make sure that companies are staying in line with the boundaries put forward by the government or the respective bodies in charge of that area of the state or country. Property lawyers; sometimes referred to as real estate lawyers are lawyers who specialize and help with any legal matters that are related to land and property. Some prefer to dip their hands in the sale of commercial land sales and leasing while others specialize in residential property and real estate. There are certain real estate lawyers who are also litigators and go to courts if a contract is not respected or if the landlord has been accused of breaking the law.

Intellectual property lawyers are a side of law that is gaining a lot of traction in the past few years thanks to the amount of new companies and businesses coming up. They are lawyers who are concerned with protecting the intellectual property rights of a company or person. These include patents, trademarks and copyrights. Some lawyers pay attention to trademarks and copyrights while some stick to patents. This is because being a patent attorney requires a background of technical study, something like engineering or IT. This makes it hard for ordinary lawyers to dabble with patents. Most law firms have a team of lawyers assembled for tasks related to patents since it is a vast topic and study. To know more about commercial litigation lawyers Melbourne, visit