How To Choose A Bedroom Theme That Fits Your Personality?

Everyone has their own different kind of personality. You can see it from the vibrant colors that they wear or the kind of bedroom theme that they choose to have. We always have that one friend who goes with the flow using monochrome colors and the other kind of bubbly friend who loves unicorns and vibrant colors. You can always put someone under the microscope by the way they choose to keep their bedrooms. The color, the ways things are kept and how tidy it is can determine your character. If you’re someone looking to change your bedroom settings according to a theme that defines your personality, here’s a few tips for you.


Deciding your point of interests

This could be your favorite superhero or a novel that you fell in love with. Depending on your focal point of interest you can determine the main theme for your room. If you’re a car craze, then the obvious theme would be cars or if you’re an avid fan of games of thrones, then you would probably have dragon eggs hidden somewhere in your room. Whichever it is, the easiest way to decide your theme is to focus on your personal favorites.

How colorful are you?

Are you just the go to black and white person or someone who loves infusing colors? Filter your room according to your personal favorite colors. If you’re someone who wants colors that screams your character then contrasting and bold colors would be your option. You can find cheap outdoor rugs to compliment your room’s theme color. Look for decorations and ornaments that fits the colors and hues that your room gives out.

Your room size

You have to take the room size into consideration when choosing the theme. Some themes will fit big rooms and not small rooms. Do not strip off a theme from the internet and choose to go with it. The worse that could happen is that your room capacity will not give a good look as it is shown in the images you witnessed.

Your passion and hobby

You can always collaborate your passion along with the room. Some of us are passionate about the environment and can opt for a green themed room and while some of us would want a room that is filled with our hobbies and likes. A racer would always choose to go for a room with car trophy’s or personalities in the same field.

Listen only to your instincts

Some of the items that you can buy locally can be expensive in another store that you have never been to. It’s important that you stick to things that are accessible and can be brought from the local store. As parents don’t push your children into something that you like, they will always know what kind of theme that want to sleep around with. You can incorporate his likings with decorations. There are many decorative items that you can purchase exclusively for children. You can find kids rugs for sale and kids décor that are child friendly and something that will suit their taste. They will know exactly what will fit their taste.Once you’ve written down these few pointers, you can get dressed and go to the store to buy your favorite painting and frames. Don’t forget to add a poster of your favorite idol in the room!