Consumables which are used in industry must be high quality along with long life as these are expensive and heavy duty. We are providing wide range of industrial and automotive consumables with market competitive price at your door step which save your time. If you only talk about products of lubricants and cleaning. We have huge collection of it so you don’t have to do any other shop as we will fulfill all your desired products such as decent industrial supplies, bahco socket set and nuts and bolts and many more. Let have a look on our cleaning and lubricants segment. 


Additives of engine and fuel are crossing OEM due to having wide range of it. We have always stock of high quality so whenever you need each and every item is available at our online shop.


While taking care of your vehicle you don’t want that by washing with water it becomes start rusted and soon you have to change it, to keep parts in genuine condition a heavy-duty material is required for cleaning purpose and don’t reduce life of your vehicle. Wolf Chester has cleaner collection with wide range available online for you. So, you may find the best cleaning product for your vehicle and enjoy the prime condition of vehicle for a long time. These cleaners are available at very realistic prices as compared to market competitors. Go here  for more information about Bahco tool kit

Dust may easily be store in disc brake and affect the brake fluid, oil, grease and brake may stop working efficiently, disc brake is expensive than simple brake so it is not possible that every user replaces it with in very short time of period. We care for you and your vehicle as well therefore we manufacture perfect cleaners for your vehicle disc brakes which increase the life of your disc brake saves your cost of replacement.


Running car generating dirt itself and it may harm your carburetor and also TBI units if you don’t care for it. By using our cleaners. You may get rid of these problems and ensure to set your vehicle for a best performance and smooth drive.


Working as a mechanic in any industry you cannot avoid making your hand dirty, as you have to work with oil grease and other heavy-duty materials with might stick to your hand and not easily removable. Regarding this problem we are manufacturing wide range of hand cleaners and dispensers which are very helpful for using these cleaners as it is one push useable (only required quantity of liquid will come out) for cleaning your hands.

Furthermore, we also have a wide range of lubrications and paint which are suitable for your automotive and industrial use.