What Is The Key Skill Set Of A Strata Manager?

Strata properties are one of the most complex properties to handle and therefore, in order to get the maximum profit from these, a strata manager is required to have a certain skill set. Only when the strata manager is exceptional at his job then it could be made sure that the strata properties were the right choice, therefore, an owner not only need the good strata properties but he also needs the right strata manager for this. Some of the key skills of the strata manager is listed below:


Experience is of the significant value in this domain because the strata properties could only be understood by someone who has been in these for a long time and above all if you are able to find the manager who is familiar with the building and the properties that you have bought then this is the best combination because this person knows everything already about the place and knows exactly how to manage it. Since the strata manager needs to be expert at the management of number of things therefore, the more the experience is, the better it is for your properties.


The strata manager needs to deal with the tenants on daily basis and he needs to therefore deals with them very professionally so that this does not result in any kind of dispute but he is there to solve the disputes of the tenants. He needs to think about the benefit of the tenant and the owner both. The strata managements are not just about the upkeep of the place and the properties anymore but it is also about the well-being of the people living in it and the person who owns the property.

Good at listening:

Communication is one of the key traits of the strata manger therefore he has to carefully listen to the feedbacks, requests and demands of the tenants so that he could fulfil their needs and could encourage them to share their problems with you. The community aspect of the strata must be maintained to ensure that the properties are used efficiently.

Quick at responding:

The tenants only know Sydney strata manager, in most of the cases the tenants have never even met the owner in person, therefore, he is the only person they can talk about their issues whether it is related to some maintenance or some repair and these are the kind of the problems which are disturbing the normal routine of the tenants and for this reason these must be addressed quickly and therefore, the strata manager must respond to these problems quickly and should not delay it.


The strata manager must be transparent at his work and should do all the tasks with honesty and loyalty. This is how he s trusted not only by the owner of the property but also by the community and the strata council. Check this link https://www.cleangreenstrata.com.au/strata-maintenance/ to find out more details.