Riddle In The Logo

This world has now become a war zone especially in the race of social media, social networking, selling and marketing. Selling used to be a market term and something related to marketing, but now the term ‘ selling’ means CUT THROAT COMPETITION, sell the unsalable and that must be the motto of every salesperson. Definitely human has certain boundaries and limitation which cannot be overcome and one just cannot cross certain limitations. For example: a salesperson can sell the product (only if that product possess something which is in demand or which is acceptable in the society) a classical example is poison; Yes folks! Poison is salable and they are buying it (no matter for what reason but they are).

Talking about such an environment where clients are so occupied and volatile and getting advertisements, packages, deals and new product every second. How the marketer can make the client identify the product, of course with something unique and different (other than the product specs). Logo! a symbol, stylish written word or any other image (owned by a company or an organization). Technically there are some hidden features in almost every logo and expo banners, one just need to examine and analyze it critically and done! One can easily find out a hidden message (an unheard unsaid communication between the client and the marketer). There is a famous online store we all know ‘Amazon’ apparently it looks like a word amazon is written; folks have anyone every though like this? Why there is a yellow arrow starting from a and ending on the z of the amazon. That’s right they are trying to tell the client’s that, they have everything from a to z.

This is something exciting isn’t it, there are so many other examples too have anyone every observed the FedEx? Again FedEx is written and that’s their logo? Think again look at the logo there is an arrow directing to the right side, which means they are always ready to go! They are providing courier and transit services amazing showing the service via their logo. There are plenty of logos which are holding some hidden messages, some were cracked like the above mentioned and some are still on the way for example: has anybody think why there is a peacock in the logo of CNBC channel? Why there is a hidden bear on the ‘Toblerone’ a famous chocolate brand.

Many of us are still taking it as a coincidence? Belief it or not they send messages folks! And there are so many other logos which have hidden messages. This is no coincidence they have put it there for a purpose and things which are on purpose there; have some message. Try to crack the CNBC and Toblerone riddle may be next time you change your perception. Check this link https://skdisplaysbanners.com.au/logo-printed-table-cloths/ to find out more details.