Gas Ducted Heating And How Does It Work

ducted heating installation

Central heating systems are used by most homeowners to keep their homes warm and cozy throughout the winter months. Consider all your alternatives before deciding on a heating system for your home. Gas ducted heating is one of the most widely suggested options.

Using gas ducted heating installation in Melbourne, cold air is drawn into the house and heated in a gas heater before being distributed around the house via vents and ductwork.

You may turn the gas ducted heating off when your house is warm and comfortable because it is managed by a controller. It’s become a prominent heating choice due to its low energy use and ability to keep homeowners comfortable.

It is possible to utilize add-on cooling with ducted gas heating throughout the year, which is one of its best features.

How does it work?

There are several crucial parts that work with each other to draw in cooler air, heat it, as well as force it through ducts of a central gas heating system.  The heating component, a thermometer, insulated ducts, & vents are all necessary components of a ducted heating system.

Gas can be used to power gas ducted heating.  The return air grill returns heated air to the heater after it has passed through the system’s ductwork, where it is heated and heated again.

As far as ducted heating installation is concerned it can be installed within roofs or outside the house. Heating system thermostats can be accessed via a wall-mounted thermostat. The ducted gas heating system is indeed an energy & affordable alternative to electric air conditioning.

With the zoning option, you may heat only the rooms in your home that you want and at the times that you want. Since you don’t want to heat rooms that you don’t utilize. You may save a lot of money on your gas bill by using zoning, which is a sensible option.

Heating systems that circulate air all around house before returning it back to the heater are known as ducted gas heating systems. It doesn’t matter what the weather is like outside because this heating system is so powerful.

Why choose it?

  1. Solves the heating and cooling issues

With ductless gas heating, a single system may address all of a home’s heating needs. To save money on a separate cooling system, you can connect a cooling system to your existing gas ducted heating system, that makes use of the same air ducts to circulate both warm and cold air throughout your home.

  1. Easy and quick installation

Installation of a ducted gas heater often takes no more than a single day. However, you will save money on labor costs because the installation is quick and simple.

  1. Affordable heating option

Australia produces 75 percent of its electricity from coal, therefore electricity remains expensive in the country, making ductless heating a more cost-effective option. Due to its lower operating costs and energy efficiency, ducted gas heating systems are a clear winner over other heating choices in the long run. Please visit for more information.