Avoid Regular Inspection And Maintenance Collapse Of The Pallet Frame

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Manufacturing facilities, warehouses and distribution require excellent solutions to organize raw materials, semi-processing, and finished products adequately. The system that draws the palette allows you to save many factory spaces and improve general commercial efficiency.

In general, the palette frame is made with raw materials such as stainless steel. The use of proven quality raw materials adds durability and efficiency to these storage systems. This material transport system allows you to keep a lightweight palette in various sizes and a lightweight palette. The frame system is also firmly built to support the severe and continuous abuse of users of the industrial environment.


However, it must be continued but should be inspected regularly and maintained to prevent collapse, resulting in real estate damage, injuries and loss of life. It has been reported that some palette rack accidents lead the results. Therefore, the manufacturer must verify and maintain the recommended storage frame and pallet racking safety inspections to avoid such an unexpected situation.

 Recommendations for inspection and maintenance.

 Are you using a palette frame in the installation? If so, the information below is useful.

It is recommended to implement people especially to care for a frame system. This will help you detect lower damage due to the occurrence of the main problem. However, make sure you assign a person with a solid knowledge of preventive measures associated with construction, possible damage and pallet racking safety inspections.

 Formulate the maintenance program that should include:

 Daily inspection: 

  • The daily test will help detect.
  • Transformed cross equipment
  • Damaged steel frame
  • The absence of horizontal traffic.
  • Missing or broken fasteners
  • Damage to the ground

 Weekly inspection: Advanced tests must be performed weekly. It is desirable to assign a warehouse manager or a storage equipment safety agent to perform the suspension per share. In the weekly pallet racking safety inspections, the responsible person is the following.

  • Check all components and structures for defects.
  • Check overloaded racks
  • Learn and report corruption.

Monthly inspection: Similar to weekly inspections, monthly tests are performed by experts experienced with a deep knowledge of the structural components of the pallet frame. Monthly inspection:

  • Rusty metal parts
  • Check the horizontal clamp to bend, twist or do other damage.
  • Folded twisted, ding or even detected striped beams.
  • Fittings of missing or corroded connectors.

Annual inspection: a professional expert of competent experts to verify the pallets rack system. A detailed analysis of the entire unit is performed, and the problem is confirmed. For warehouse managers, a full corruption analysis report is provided after the recommendation is provided.

Suppose you have any corruption, repair or instantly repair instant services. The modified structure component must be replaced with the same quality and specifications. You can also download the palette when repairing it.

Make sure the frame is not dangerous!

Performing periodic pallet racking safety inspections is not enough. The recommendations provided by the surveyor must be implemented in immediate criteria. There are several relevant points for inspectors to share with you. Take the best attention to your recommendations and suggestions.For more information visit www.brstoragesystems.com.au.